First Meeting of Pioneers

Pioneers celebrated our 100 year anniversary since our founding on November 2, 1911 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Our Centennial means that you and every other Pioneer - past and present - share an extraordinary bond.  Together, you have experienced a century of the rewards and fellowship that come with volunteering to make a difference.

Our principal objectives - fellowship, service and loyalty -represented by the three sides of our original triangle logo, paved the way for today's Pioneer.  Today's Pioneers organization is deeply connected to our long and proud legacy and committed to evolving our volunteerism so we can continue to respond to the ever changing needs of our local communities.  Pioneer members are confident in their ability to move those in need from adversity to achievement, making a difference in their hometowns by taking an authentic grassroots approach.  In this way, our founding objectives continue to guide our commitment to our mission of making a difference as volunteers. 

Click on these principal objectives to learn ways all Pioneers were able to participate in this momentous anniversary!







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