donate food

There are 49 million “food insecure” people in the United States and in Canada over 800,000 individuals access food banks on a monthly basis.  While many people are doing great things around this issue, our research brought to light some harsh realities about the food being provided to those in need - many families have to eat highly processed foods that are full of preservatives and lack nutritional value, as that is the only food available at their local food pantry or affordable at their grocery store.   

To address this issue, the Pioneers Dish It Up project aims to secure healthy, nutritious food for local food banks.  In partnership with Feeding America and its network of member food banks, we have compiled a list of the food bank’s most requested foods that also fall into the “healthy” category.   We would ask that you donate one of the foods included on this food list

Pioneers has partnered with several commercial/retail businesses as food collection/drop-off sitesThis is a living document and will be updated as more locations are identified so check back often.  The listing includes address and available dates/times for drop off.  Thank you so much for contributing to the Pioneers Dish It Up project and for helping feed one million people!