All Pioneers chapters/councils/clubs are encouraged to participate in the Pioneers Dish It Up project.  The following tools are available to you to assist in the planning and implementation of Dish It Up in your local community: 

• Soft Launch Kit:  Includes information regarding how the Dish It Up project was chosen and options for group participation. 

• Resource Guide:  Includes all you need to know regarding execution of the Dish It Up project in your community, including activity ideas, project administration, potential community partners, project promotion, technology support and more. 

• Public Relations Tool Kit:  Includes everything you need to conduct a comprehensive public/media relations campaign about the Pioneers Dish It Up project in your local community, including fact sheet, media tips, timeline, key messages, FAQs, social media tips and tools, PR check list and photo release and interview waiver. 

• Food Donation List:  The requested food donation list includes healthy, nutritious, inexpensive alternatives to some of the high calorie/low nutrient foods typically donated to food banks.  The items on this list have been specifically requested by food banks across North America and approved by Feeding America, our national food drive partner. 

• Affinity/Program/Grocery Partner Information:  Several of the Pioneers national/international affinity and program partners have expressed an interest in participating in this project, including Liberty Mutual, National Beep Baseball Association and the Library of Congress.  Also, in many communities Pioneers have forged partnerships with local or regional grocery chains to participate in the Dish It Up project.  If you are interested in receiving information regarding these partnerships in your local community, please contact you Chapter President for more information and your local partner contacts. 

• Donate Now:  If you are unable to participate in the Dish It Up food drive, you may wish to make a cash contribution through our secure web page.