PALS Administrator Training

PALS (Pioneer Maintenance) training is offered to those individuals who are responsible for entering and maintaining member-specific data for their Chapter, Council, or Club.  Due to the sensitive nature of this data, each trainee must also successfully complete training "certification" prior to being assigned administrative access to PALS.

PALS training covers the following:
  • Searching for and editing existing member records
  • Adding new records
  • Canceling membership
  • Using opt-outs for communication preferences
  • Running member-specific reports
  • Overall data integrity
This training is two hours in length and will be offered on a rotating schedule every month.  To search for a training date and time that will work for your schedule, view the WebEx calendar and sign-up online.  For reference, download the PALS User Guide.

If you have questions about PALS training, please contact the IT help desk.