environmental initiative

Pioneers Sparking a Clean, Green Planet

Given the recent world focus on the combination of environmental awareness and clean energy, the Pioneers combined elements of our current grass-roots beautification projects with the living green concept.  In 2009, Pioneers in Saskatchewan, Virginia and Nevada piloted the Pioneers Environmental Initiative by cleaning and beautifying their communities and distributing eco-friendly tote bags that included local recycling information and an energy efficient light bulb.

Any Pioneers Units interested in customizing and purchasing co-branded marketing materials created to consistently brand and advertise their environmental projects may do so by visiting the Pioneers Essentials website at https://www.immediaprint.biz/

Purchasing Options:

1.  Customize and order professionally printed material from Pioneers’ printing partner, Immedia Print.

2.  Customize and order PDFs to download and print locally.  There is a handling fee associated with an order than only includes PDFs.

Material available includes items such as project posters/flyers, participation lapel stickers, tip sheets, tote bags, gloves, t-shirts, etc. 

Volunteer Opportunities

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